About me and the company

Hello, my name is Aureliusz Olejarz, I am from Poland.
I am a director of the company Olejarz-Malerne AS.
The website husmaler.com is showing my experience.
I have been working as a painter in Norway since 2013.
My specialization is exterior painting, but also I do work inside.
In the seasons from 2013 till 2019 I was working like a freelancer and I painted around 120 houses.
Most of them are in Oslo and surrounding areas.
The company has been owned by my family since 2020, when we changed name and purpose for painting.
The company was created in 1999, but it was not active.
During 2020 and 2021, the company had two painting teams and completed 65 large painting projects of which 28 by my team.
In 2022 the second painting team led by my brother left the company to work in a second AS company, we still cooperate.
During 2022 the company completed 14 large painting projects.
During 2023 the company completed 15 large painting projects.

husmaler.com - Specialist in exterior painting

Olejarz-Malerne AS

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